About me


Years ago, I worked at a local hospital building the electronic medical record system for their Women’s Health Services department. During this time I worked closely with the doctors, midwives and nurses to ensure that they could correctly record their patients health information from preconception to labor, birth and into postpartum. As I worked with these providers, I learned as much as I could about the woman in her perinatal period of life, and knew that some day I would be supporting these women in some way.

Shortly after my own son was born in 2012, I was able to quit my job at the hospital to stay home with him, which gave me the opportunity to pursue my passion of helping women during their prenatal and postpartum phases of life.

In October 2012 I participated in a DONA Labor Doula and shortly after was introduced to the Maternity Nutrition Coaching program at the International Maternity Institute. I have completed my course work for IMI and am currently undergoing the certification process.

During my trainings and education I’ve come to believe that I’ve been called down the path of honoring the MOTHER in her journey from Maiden to Mother. The 4th Trimester (the 12 weeks postpartum after giving birth) is often a time forgotten on this journey, and I believe it’s time to bring back the LOVE and FOCUS to our new mothers.

New mothers self-care often takes a back seat to infant care but it is important to remember and honor the fact that a healthy, thriving mother will be able to offer her BEST care to that newborn. As I work at fine-tuning my offerings to the new mother in her 4th trimerster, I am currently offering perinatal nutrition coaching, placenta encapsulation, and postpartum binding and sealing.  By honoring the new mother with postpartum sealing, I am able to help her close her birth experience, both emotionally and physically, so that she may move forward to be her own best self.  Postpartum sealing may include herbal sitz baths, bone closing ceremonies, belly binding (with oil), and postpartum warming teas just to name a few components found in a postpartum sealing ritual.

Postpartum Sealing and Belly Binding:  Trained by doula, midwifery student and herbalist Tema Mercado in San  Diego, CA in February 2015
Maternity Nutrition Coach: Trained through the International Maternity Institute completed January 2014
Breastfeeding for Doulas: Trained by Robin Kaplan, IBCLC and Dawn Dickerson IBCLC at the Birth Education Center, San Diego, winter 2013
DONA  International Trained Birth Doula: Trained in San Diego, fall 2012