Postpartum Belly Binding

What is Postpartum Belly Binding you ask? For hundreds of years, our ancestors around the world have used postpartum belly binding as a way to help mothers heal after birth. The process of binding the belly after birth gives mother’s a feeling of security as their body slowly returns back to it’s pre-pregnancy self.

Belly Binding is typically done during the first 2 weeks postpartum for new mothers, and I am currently offering this service using the bandage belly binding technique. Using bandages allows for more freedom of movement for mothers, is breathable, and can be done the day after giving birth

Benefits of Belly Binding:

  • Assists the uterus in shrinking back to original pre-pregnancy size
  • Assists in internal organ movement back to their original place in the body
  • Provides some relief to postpartum uterine contractions
  • Supports the new mother’s posture in the 4th trimester
  • Allows the mother to feel secure and “held together” as her body changes once again in the postpartum phase of life

Belly Binding Services ($125):

* A visit by me to your house for binding and instructions on how to bind yourself (a second person of your choice should also be available at this time to learn how to bind you once I am gone)

* 4 ounce bottle of belly binding oil, specially prepared to help warm the mother after birth

* The bandage needed to bind you, plus 4 addition bandages (5 bandages total). Bandages are typically good for 3-4 uses before elasticity is gone)