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As a mother to an energetic 3 year old, I have personally experienced the amazing perks associated with placenta encapsulation; from the boost in my milk supply during those (seemingly endless!) growth spurts, to feeling that boost of energy from the placenta pills after a long night spent breastfeeding and caring for a newborn, I can attest to placenta encapsulation’s wonderful benefits.  Early research on placenta encapsulation also has also shown that it can help balance mom’s hormones associated with the baby blues.

Below is a summary of my placenta services. Contact me to get your paperwork rolling for placenta encapsulation today!

TCMi Encapsulation (Traditional Chinese Medicine inspired) ($250):  This method of preparing the placenta for encapsulation involves gently steaming the placenta with ginger, lemon and green chili according to TCM methods before dehydration. Gently steaming the placenta is a process that brings warmth back to the placenta, and thus back to the mother, to restore balance. TCM is believed to have tonifying, healing, and warming properties. If your placenta has been frozen, this is always the method of choice.

Raw Encapsulation ($250): This method of preparing the placenta for encapsulation skips the steaming process all together and is set for dehydration while still “raw.”  Using the RAW method provides a burst of energy up front but does not often offer the longer, tonifying benefits of TCM. The raw encapsulation process is only used within the first 48 hours after the birth to ensure freshness.

Loose Placenta Powder ($200):  Powder may be used to add to smoothies or food. This is a great option for those who may not be a fan of swallowing pills.

Frozen Placenta Cubes ($150): This is a great option for those who only want to have placenta smoothies. Your placenta is prepared raw into individually wrapped, frozen placenta cubes to add to smoothies. Anytime you need a raw placenta boost, blend your smoothie with a placenta cube! The number of frozen cubes depends on the size of your placenta. Your first smoothie is pre-made and delivered to you at your birthing location for immediate enjoyment. (Please speak to Placenta Specialist about smoothie flavor availability)

Placenta Tincture ($25/4oz): Tinctures have all the benefits of placenta encapsulation, with the added bonus of being easily stored for years. Placenta tinctures can be saved for after your placenta capsules have been used, and use for an added boost in energy and milk supply at any time; they can also be saved for when your cycle returns, all the way through menopause. Tinctures will be delivered 6 weeks after encapsulation process, as it does take time for the tincture to be infused. 

Placenta Salve/Balm ($35/4oz): Placenta Salves can be used for a number of skin irritations and healing. It may aid in the healing, itching and discomfort of cesarean scars, (after the wound has healed), tears, burns, diaper rash, skin irritation and sun burns, just to name a few. (You will always want to test a small patch of skin on a new baby if using for diaper rash)

Benefits of placenta consumption include: 

* Balances hormones after childbirth (which may help reduce the feelings associated with “baby blues” )
* Increases breast milk production
* Increases energy
* Helps in the restoration of depleted Iron levels
* Helps to tone and shrink the uterus back down to size
* Helpful with hormone balancing during menopause
* Helps balance hormones associated with PMS

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